Irene Gironacci

Irene Gironacci

Engineer, Artist



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Steps: Control Panel Administration Tools / Strumenti di amministrazione Disk Manager / Gestione computer –> Archiviazione –> Gestione disco Click on C: partition –> click on Reduce Reduce of an amount of MB Expand the Read more...


GPS + Augmented Reality in Unity3D A simple application to show a 3D model only around a specific location. This page will show the main steps. A basic knowledge of Unity3D is required as it Read more...


Texture Mapping (Modeling)

Texture Mapping Texture mapping properties manage texture map projections for selected surfaces, polysurfaces, and meshes. Mapping is a process of defining how to represent a 2‑D image on a 3‑D model. Mapping transforms a 2‑D Read more...


Scaling a Texture2D in Unity3D

Working with Texture2D I’ve discovered that Unity doesn’t have a function for rescaling the content of a texture. This feature can be extremely useful in the case you get the frame of  the webcam and Read more...


Vuforia Camera Capture

Steps: Add this script to the AR Camera; Create a Canvas gameobject and a RawImage (child of Canvas); Add the rawImage to this script from the Inspector; [crayon-59c94bd7f13da133883482/]  

Photon Network

Photon Network

Photon Network Photon Network (general) Connect Using Settings Connect Manually Disconnect Get Connection State Get Is Connected Instantiate Set Is Message Queue Running Set Auto Join Lobby Get Last Disconnection Cause Photon Player Get Last Read more...