Irene Gironacci

Irene Gironacci

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Create a REST API backend with Spring and MongoGB

  Sources Setup MongoDB: Tutorials: Tutorials: Setup MongoDB Download Community server Add MongoDB to system variables (C:\Programs\MongoDB\Server\3.4\bin) Setup: Create a folder named MongoDB, and create the folder data inside MongoDB Configure: $ C:\Program Files\…\mongod.exe –dbpath Read more...


Expand volume

Steps: Control Panel Administration Tools / Strumenti di amministrazione Disk Manager / Gestione computer –> Archiviazione –> Gestione disco Click on C: partition –> click on Reduce Reduce of an amount of MB Expand the Read more...


GPS + Augmented Reality in Unity3D A simple application to show a 3D model only around a specific location. This page will show the main steps. A basic knowledge of Unity3D is required as it Read more...


Texture Mapping (Modeling)

Texture Mapping Texture mapping properties manage texture map projections for selected surfaces, polysurfaces, and meshes. Mapping is a process of defining how to represent a 2‑D image on a 3‑D model. Mapping transforms a 2‑D Read more...


Scaling a Texture2D in Unity3D

Working with Texture2D I’ve discovered that Unity doesn’t have a function for rescaling the content of a texture. This feature can be extremely useful in the case you get the frame of  the webcam and Read more...


Vuforia Camera Capture

Steps: Add this script to the AR Camera; Create a Canvas gameobject and a RawImage (child of Canvas); Add the rawImage to this script from the Inspector; [crayon-5a5e6a7ba9e48803905999/]