Irene Gironacci

Irene Gironacci

Engineer, Artist



Auto-Rig Pro Blender Add-On

Auto-Rig Pro Blender Add-On Prerequisites: Blender version >= 2.79 Auto-Rig Pro Add-On A 3D model of a virtual character (i.e. Setup Add-On Open Blender File > User Preferences Open Add-ons tab Select User as Read more...


Add Health Bar and Score in Unity3D part 1/2

Add Health Bar and Score in Unity3D Steps: Download this Unity Asset: Download also this Unity Asset: Import them into your project See the video: Add the following scripts: PlayerHealth.cs: [crayon-5b02020141cff986941299/] PlayerController.cs: [crayon-5b02020141d16098869380/] GameManager.cs: [crayon-5b02020141d20644472446/] Read more...


Add radar in Unity3D

ADD A SIMPLE RADAR IN UNITY3D Watch the video here: RadarSystem.cs: [crayon-5b020201445fb280579477/]  


Add Timer in Unity3D

ADD A TIMER IN UNITY Tutorial about how to create a growing up timer in unity Video: Script: [crayon-5b02020144e6d025807302/]      


Create a REST API backend with Spring and MongoGB

  Sources Setup MongoDB: Tutorials: Tutorials: Setup MongoDB Download Community server Add MongoDB to system variables (C:\Programs\MongoDB\Server\3.4\bin) Setup: Create a folder named MongoDB, and create the folder data inside MongoDB Configure: $ C:\Program Files\…\mongod.exe –dbpath Read more...